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Portrait of Corinna Sowers Adler

Canceled: Songs From the Heart

April 23 - 24 @ The Common Market

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Musical event with portraits of whitney lloyd and kirsten hughes

“Friends Forever” a cabaret starring Kirsten Hughes...

May 29 - 30 @ The Common Market

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Portrait of Warren Schein

The Vegas Years!

June 11 - 12 @ The Common Market

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Friday Night Live Music

Every Friday @ Sala By Fratelli's

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We are entertainment-focused event planners

To us, nothing is better than finding that unique element that leaves guests talking for years, whether it involves fire-breathers, Broadway talent, or 8-foot robots draped in LED-lights shooting lazers. For 30 years, we’ve been doing exactly that at private parties, corporate events, theaters, non profit fundraisers, and public festivals in and around Quincy, MA.

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Event planning options from theater to performing robots