Quincy’s “Rising Stars”

Do you have what it takes to be a “Rising Star”?

Join JM Production’s “Rising Stars” Dance, Drama & Voice Workshops taught by Broadway and other theatre professionals!

“Rising Stars” philosophy: It is the philosophy of the “Rising Stars” Dance, Drama & Voice Workshops to provide each child with the opportunity to explore performance art in an educational, fun, safe, and structured learning environment! Our goal is to create an environment much like that of a traditional audition for a Broadway show. You’ll learn the skills needed to land a featured or supporting role in your school, university or professional show environment. You’ll learn how to deal with rejection but at the same time how to manage your time, hone your given skills and present professional.

At “Rising Stars” we are interested in enrolling students who are curious about the performing arts as a life goal or simply an extracurricular activity. “Rising Stars” has a challenging and exciting curriculum. You will be learning the three basic disciplines of performance art from our professional Broadway faculty including dance, drama and voice. You will have the best experience by coming each day ready to learn and giving 100% of your effort to hone your craft.

Group of students participating in Quincy's Rising Star program

Our instructors take their work very seriously and we have ambitious goals. The tasks are challenging and you will be asked to work hard to achieve your own personal best. We will have fun, certainly; however, there is a great deal of personal discipline that must be part of the rehearsal process. We work together as a team, as a unit to present the very best musical revue at the end of the workshop for your parents and friends. Every student comes to “Rising Stars” on equal footing regarding the potential to be awarded any solo dance (s) or song in the show. We reward our students with these opportunities based on talent but also the drive to succeed. You do not have to be the best singer or dancer but you must work hard to give the team your very best.

“Rising Stars” alums have gone on to major institutions of higher learning with confidence and a skill set that sets them apart from other applicants. “Rising Stars” alums have also been featured on Broadway, National Tours, Feature and Independent films and TV programs. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our exciting program we want to hear from you. Send a short video or audio showing us your vocal ability and a short bio of your theatrical work so far. We encourage students going into grades 5 ~ 11 in the fall of each calendar year to apply. Do you have what it takes to be a “Rising Star”?

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