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We have a GREAT Christmas Show (with an all new matinee series added to our evening performances) at The Common Market in Quincy on December 10th at 11:30 am. We provide lunch (coffee, tea, salad, and rolls/butter, Baked Stuffed Haddock or Chicken Marsala & Dessert) PLUS show ticket, tax & gratuity all for $35.00 per person! Also on Dec 12th at 7 & 9 for $20.00 per person. Make your own individual reservations for dinner pre and post show at any of the rooms at The Common Market Restaurant. Perfect for groups, reunions, family gatherings and office parties!

 “What Christmas Means to Me” is a musical revue that is tailor made to “kick off” your holiday season. From office parties to book clubs, former high school or college classmate reunions to friends and family this “one stop shopping” dining and musical event is a perfect solution for your holiday gatherings. We do all the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy a night “out on the town” with your special guests complete with fine dining and a professional cabaret act.

The Patriot Ledger says: “A snappy procession of songs and gags!  “What Christmas Means to Me” flows easily from smart-seasonal monologues to sentimental caroling; the performers submit, to your approval, some fine hamming, and they sing with confidence, commitment and skill! Standard carols are blended with musical parodies In between are sketches that aim to get at, if not the true meaning of Christmas, then at least a truer version than the consumerism-obsessed, pop-culture treatment most apparent during the holiday season!”

The Mariner Newspapers says: “What Christmas Means to Me” is a heartfelt tribute to the holiday season that also knows when to put tongue firmly in cheek! There is no plot, just a series of songs, familiar and not so familiar, to take people’s minds off the hustle and bustle of Christmas. They explore everything from parody (“The Twelve 12 Days Of Christmas”) to the traditional (O Holy Night.”) So if one is tired of trying to get through the endless lines to see “A Christmas Carol,” the light and lively “What Christmas Means to Me” is a heartening way to take your mind off the holiday crush!”
Conceived and Directed by John F. McDonald, Jr. with Music Direction by Melanie Houlihan of Quincy “What Christmas Means to Me” is a bright and enthusiastic musical revue featuring “traditional” and “not so traditional” holiday songs and monologues. The show is rich in variety and has a consistently high quality of music with a superb cast of performers. We even have a sing-along and holiday contest for our audiences.
Mr. McDonald’s concept is to keep things simple while maintaining a fast pace. The review is presented in one act. McDonald presents finely tuned monologues and well crafted production values that are sure to please all who attend the event.  Melanie Houlihan’s musical direction uses intricate harmonies and carefully chosen solo pieces that bring the audience along an entertaining musical journey from childhood through adulthood. “You will be hard pressed to find a person in our audiences who won’t be able to relate in some way to this sentimental production” states McDonald.

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